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Prevent stretchmarks with Bio-Oil® skincare, Revitol cream or TriLASTIN-SR® complex or use laser surgery for stretch mark removal.

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Stretch Mark Laser Surgery Treatment

Laser treatment for stretchmarks is a revolutionary new way to visibly reduce unwanted signs of this skin condition.  Stretch marks are something that the many women suffer and that none of us want to have.  Laser surgery can be used quickly and effectively for stretch marks treatment and can also be used as an anti Cellulite solution.

How does Laser Stretch Mark Removal work?

A laser is concentrated energy in a beam of light.  This beam can selectively transmit its energy onto tissues in order to change them as desired and can be used for a variety of problems, from eruptions to stretch marks.  Lasers hold in themselves a material that creates and magnifies light. Two mirrors are used to reflect the light back and forth via this material.  There is a procedure called blue light therapy that is used for laser stretch mark surgery, which uses a gel and light.

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Whilst laser stretch mark removal is not an invasive process and is available from many cosmetic surgeries, laser treatment remains a matter of personal choice.  On research you will see that opinions on whether cellulite laser surgery removal actually works or not is divided.  You must find out about the safety and effectiveness of stretch mark laser surgery treatment before going ahead.

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Stretchmarks and Cellulite Laser Surgery alternatives:

There are many types of effective skin care treatments available such as Bio-Oil® skincare, Revitol cellulite cream solution and TriLASTIN SR® stretch mark complex that you can do yourself at home, and that do not involve laser surgery removal.


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