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Prevent stretchmarks with Bio-Oil® skincare, Revitol cream or TriLASTIN-SR® complex or use laser surgery for stretch mark removal.

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The TriLASTIN brand from EC Research has been well known for its high quality stretch mark cream. Now the company has released TriLASTIN System 2 for Cellulite treatment. It is a two part system that includes TriLASTIN-HT and TriLASTIN-CF.

TriLASTIN SR stretch marks complex logoTriLASTIN-HT is a hydrothermal accelerator which preconditions the skin for treatment. It helps open pores and allows optimal absorption of the skin. TriLASTIN-CF is a cellulite reduction and skin firming complex that acts as the corrective component in the system.

TriLASTIN SR Stretchmark Cream Review:

Stretchmarks are caused when the elastic fibers that bind the skin (elastin and collagen) are overstressed, resulting in small tears in the form of stretch marks.

  • TriLASTIN SR® stretch mark cream contains vital ingredients for skin health: collagen and elastin.
  • It has undergone clinical trials which prove the effectiveness of the lotion in stretch marks treatment, it diminishes the appearance of existing stretchmarks.
  • TriLASTIN SR® intensive stretch mark complex can be used during pregnancy, weight gain, or bodybuilding and it works by repairing dead skin cells internally.

TriLASTIN System 2 Cellulite Cream Review:

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  • Reduces the visable appearance of cellulite in as little as 4 weeks
  • Helps lift and firm loose, sagging skin
  • Stimulates the cell renewal process in the skin

There are many stretchmark and cellulite lotions for sale; Revitol, TriLASTIN SR®, and Bio-Oil® to name a few, they are all there to make a positive visible change. Stretchmarks are made up of scar tissue; the only way to physically remove them is through laser surgery treatments. Buy and try any one of the products first before surgery; many of the stretchmark creams on sale in the UK market today offer a money back guarantees.

TriLASTIN System 2 cellulite cream is a new, clinically-proven system that pioneers a unique approach for cellulite reduction.


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